2x WallHubs + Pico + Deka + Tera
2x WallHubs + Pico + Deka + Tera

2x WallHubs + Pico + Deka + Tera

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Master the art of organization with a two-shelf storage system that conveniently hangs on the walls of your home, garage, shed, or office.
  • Great for catching clutter, tidying up rooms, and storing essential goods.
  • Quick and level installation with two patented WallCleat mounting systems.
  • Charming nesting accessory tray design for storing items or creating decorative facades.
  • WallHub Shelf (each): 14” wide x 7.5” deep x 8” high
  • Pico Tray: 4.8” x 4.8” x 1.5” outside – 4.3” x 4.3” x 1.0” inside
  • Deka Tray: 9.3” x 5.6” x 2.3” outside – 8.5” x 4.9” x 1.8” inside
  • Tera Tray: 11.9” x 7.3” x 3.3” outside – 11.2” x 6.5” x 2.9” inside
Product Description

Two WallHubs + Pico + Deka + Tera - For those looking to take the fight to clutter and misplaced goods. This five-piece package includes two core WallHubs, one large accessory tray, one medium accessory tray, and one small accessory tray. Whether you're hanging keys, storing everyday goods, or crafting a unique home decoration, you can count on WallKeep to do it all. Thanks to the nesting design of the accessory trays and the shelves 180° inverted capability, you can easily create a storage system that perfectly suits your needs. 

At WallKeep, we strive to create superior products, from superior materials. That's why we partner with ethical plantations in India to source our completely sustainable mango wood. Each tree is only harvested after it stops bearing fruit, to ensure it provides as much as food as possible before becoming a WallKeep shelf. It's then equipped with recycled steel components before it makes one final journey – to your home.

What’s Included

Double-capacity system

  • 2 WallHub™ main shelf units
  • 1 Pico small and 1 Deka medium and 1 Tera large tray
  • 2 WallCleats with 2 sets of mounting hardware
  • 4 MagHook magnetic rail and panel hooks

Adjustable Magnetic Hooks

180° Invertable Design

Sustainable Materials

Endless Configurations