Video Installation Instructions

Recommended Tools







Tape Measure

Tape Measure




Your WallKeep® WallHub™ shelf can mount in two different ways: upright or inverted


The upright option is best if you wish to use the integrated mail holder and/or want to use lots of MagHooks along the two bottom Hub rails. It is also the preferred orientation for placement of various items on the shelf surface (a small flower vase for example).


The inverted option is preferred if you have the optional accessory trays, such as the Versa multipurpose holder (shown above), or the Pico+Deka small and medium trays, or the Tera large tray. The double rail system will hold them securely in place.

Position your WallHub in the preferred location. Don’t just trust your eye! Use a tape measure to determine the ideal placement.

Step 1

Make a pencil mark on the wall at the center of your WallHub and about one inch (25 mm) below the top edge (placing the shelf either upright or inverted).

Step 2

Make a single hole only, corresponding to the center of your WallCleat bar. (Don’t make the other holes yet.) Create the hole with either an awl or a ¼ inch (6 mm) bit.

Step 3

With the first anchor in place, attach the WallCleat bar with a screw in the center position. Don’t tighten it too much, however. Let the bar remain somewhat movable.

Step 4

Use a bubble level (or an app on your smartphone) to level the bar, pivoting around the center screw. Then make a pencil mark in the left and right holes.

Step 5

Remove the WallCleat bar and awl punch or drill the left and right holes. (If drilling, hold a damp cloth below to catch the dust.) Then insert anchors and reattach the WallCleat bar.

Step 6

Feel for the keyhole hangers on the back of your WallHub and position them over the WallCleat studs.

Step 7

Tap the WallHub down to firmly set the hangers and make a
final check for level. Then you’re all done!

Step 8

Now go ahead and add your accessory trays and MagHooks. (You can also invert your WallHub on the WallCleat bar if you wish.)

Step 9