Six smart ways to use WallKeep in your everyday life

Six smart ways to use WallKeep in your everyday life

WallKeep is the ultimate organization system. It's highly customizable, so you can put it to work in dozens of ways to fit your exact needs. Here are six smart ways people are using WallKeep to get organized:

#1: Hang your keys on WallKeep to always know where they are

You've probably lost track of your keys more than once. Often, that's because they were left in a random place. Maybe you set your keys down on a counter or ledge and forgot to pick them up, or maybe you put a seldom-used key in a drawer and forgot where you put it. Worst case, if you can't find your keys and don't have a duplicate set, you'll probably have to call a locksmith to let you into your house or car. An easy way to eliminate a daily stressor is to hang your keys up in the same place every time so you always know where they are, and can quickly grab them when leaving the home.

#2: Hang up your mask

It's important to have a plan for where to keep your face masks and hand sanitizer so you don't forget to take them with you when leaving the house. A good solution is to keep them in a designated spot near the door that you use most often. While this could just be a hook on the wall, we (of course!) recommend our WallKeep WallHub; its MagHooks are adjustable to hang as many masks as you need, and the accessory trays are the perfect spot for sanitizer bottles, gloves, and other essential supplies.

#3: Store your sunglasses and hats right by the door

A WallHub is the perfect place to store your sunglasses and hats so you can keep them organized and within reach. You can easily find and grab your sunglasses or hat when you need them, without having to search through a cluttered drawer or closet. (And on those rainy days, you'll have your umbrella ready to go.)

#4: Keep small items accessible and close-at-hand

Think of all the things you need at the ready whenever you leave the house: your wallet, ID cards, building pass, cash money, cards, phone, power bank, pocket knife, and more. WallKeep's organizing system is ideal for keeping your belongings safe, secure, and close by.

#5: Create a dog walk station

A clean and organized space for your dog-walking supplies will make your life much easier. You'll never have to hunt for your leash or poop bags again, and you can even add a few special things like treats or toys to make walks more fun for your pup. Plus, having a dedicated dog-walking station will help to keep your home tidy and organized. So why not take a few minutes to set up a dog walk station today? Your furry friend will thank you for it!

#6: Organize your workspace

If you're like most people, your desk is a hot mess. Piles of paper, random office supplies, and half-empty coffee cups compete for space with your laptop and keyboard. It's no wonder you can never find anything when you need it! The answer is simple: get organized with a WallHub. Just mount the WallHub near your desk and use one or more accessory trays to corral all the miscellaneous items cluttering up your workspace. Use the wasted vertical space nearby to get things up off your desk and on the wall, neatly organized and readily accessible. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll be able to focus with a clean, organized workspace.

— Final Thoughts —

WallKeep's organizing system is awesome for keeping your belongings safe and easily accessible. You can use WallKeep in your home, shop, or office. It's a convenient and very affordable way to always know where your things are.